Coaches | Cycle Ave.

The Squad


Devin Murray

Celebrity crush is Robert Pattinson
Kinda met Taylor Swift for a hot second
Loves lime everything .. but also a big fan of tequila

Devin started as a rider that fell in love with cycling and decided to push herself out of her comfort zone and become a coach! Her goal is to be a safe place for riders to embrace their truest selves! Get ready for great sing-along music and a constant flow of positive energy.

Fran Grover

Got George Clooney’s autograph at a movie premier in London!
Also a paralegal for a criminal defense law firm & loves it
makes an unbeatable chocolate chip cookie

The first time Fran took a spin class, she was immediately drawn to the podium. She felt it was the perfect balance of coaching and connection mixed with creativity and performance. Fran brings the energy and coaches around individual power.

Kaya Perks

Former figure skater
Drives a stick shift
Good at juggling

Kaya began working at Cycle Ave as a part of the FI team for 2 1/2 years. She always thought the cycle classes were so much fun and the idea of becoming a coach was definitely in the back of her mind. Her thoughts became reality and now she leads her own super fun classes with lots of big beat drops!

Layni Rodriguez

Loveeees some good country music
Was a kickboxer for 3 years
Really likes Pickle juice (don’t ask questions)

Layni always wanted to do something that would inspire people and make an impact. Her first coaching opportunity was actually Club Volleyball but then she fell in love with the team we have at FunkFit & CycleAve and knew she had to be more involved. Her goal is to better herself and motivate others. Her classes are BAD A$$ laced with music that will GET YOU GOING!

Maddy Novicky

Target trips are a hobby
Obsessed with Bruno Mars!
Sings on the worship team at her church

Maddy never thought she would become a coach. If you would have told her 5 years ago that she would be coaching spin, she wouldn’t have believed you. Maddy’s sister-in-law took her to her first class and it was tough, but of course she felt great after. She kept going and found herself making playlists and doing choreo in the car! That’s when she thought, “I think I can do this.” Maddy loves coaching people to push past their doubts and accomplish things they had no idea were possible.

Ricky Cordova

Yuma, AZ is home
Can not stand deviled eggs
Marathon Runner

Ricky loves traveling and going to concerts with his wife, tailgating, fantasy football, doing 5k’s with his in-laws, training his pup, and hiking with friends. He’s been an indoor cyclist for many years and always aspired to be on the podium. He was invited to “check out” auditions, made the team and the rest is history! Ricky’s classes are hard-hitting, power-driven with everything but the kitchen sink remixed!

Sydney Perry

Only Turns on the Tv for Real Housewives or Football
Met Russell Westbrook and forgot how to utilize all motor skills
Commercial Print Model

Expect a playlist that can be a bit moody, work that’s intense yet fun because there will definitely be club bangers! Sydney’s crowned herself the Cardio Queen and you’ll quickly understand why when you’re asking how many more intervals are left?

Whitney Sweet

Can do a pistol squat all the way to the floor.
Army Veteran
Adult Soccer Coach

Cycling is Whitney’s passion. As a rider, someone sent her a link to audition to be a coach, she thought why not and did. Well… the rest is history. Her classes are full of remixes fueled by Hip hop, reggaeton, and top hits. She’s always taking song requests and known for her eclectic playlists.